Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June to all!  Can you believe that it's June already?  Summer is almost upon us!

Ed and I spent most of the Memorial Day weekend planting a new flower garden.  I've never felt that I have much talent in this area - most of my houseplants wind up as pathetic brown things, but we did our best, and I must say that I'm pretty pleased with the results.  The scent wafting up from the garden when I stepped out on to the deck this morning made all of the hard work worthwhile.  I wish I could get this amazing perfume to you - somebody please invent smell-o-vision!

I love all of the colors, from bright, lemony yellows to orange, pink and salmon, pale blue and the deep royal blue of  Lobelia - a veritable rainbow!  Many thanks to Prisco's for all of the wonderful flowers.  Someday, I hope to make this small space a garden we can walk through, and install a gazebo for summer gazing, but for now, I'm content just to have this little splash of color and scent in my own little backyard.

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